Adopt An Animal

Resident Adoption Scheme


Our Animal Adoption scheme enables you to help towards the cost of looking after one of our resident animals or birds.


Over the years Lower Moss Wood has given refuge to many animals and birds which cannot be released back into the wild. They have been hand reared so they are not afraid of humans or predators and cannot hunt for themselves.  They are reliant on humans to cater for their every need.

These animals and birds were not raised in captivity at Lower Moss Wood that happened before they arrived.


The adoption will contribute towards the costs of the specialist care, food and medicines that your chosen animal or bird needs for one year.

 The cost of an adoption is £35 making them great gifts so why not treat  yourself or someone you know!

What you will receive:


  •   An A4 mounted photograph of your chosen animal or bird
  •   A personalised adoption certificate
  •   Seasonal newsletters     
  •  A Lower Moss Wood badge
  •   The chance to visit your chosen animal or bird (by appointment only)



Download an Adoption Form