• To ensure that committee meetings are properly administered.
  • To ensure other meetings, such as the AGM, and events are properly administered.
  • Monitor committee member action points.


  • Plan and prepare the committee meetings and the AGM with others as appropriate.
    • Planning meeting dates, sending out notifications, minutes and other papers.
    • Drawing up agendas together with the Chair.
  • Minute committee meetings or ensure that another minute taker is available. In the case of closed meetings (with no others present) the secretary will take the minutes.
  • Accurately record decisions and actions in the minutes and report to the next committee meeting on the progress of actions and the result of decisions.
  • Deal with correspondence, writing letters/emails as agreed at committee meetings, summarising correspondence/emails received at the next committee meetings and drafting replies as appropriate.
  • Make arrangements for any necessary reporting to be done. For example, the annual report to members.


  • To be organised and methodical
  • Able to take good minutes.
  • Able to keep accurate records.
  • Has the relevant skills to organise a meeting well.

How to apply Applications should be made via email to Rachel Jackson Closing date: 9am Wednesday 28th October 2020